For the past few years, I’ve been contributing to a project out of the Environmental Conservation Lab at the University of Manitoba (where I completed a number of courses for my undergrad degree in environmental studies).

Since 2012, One River, Many Relations has produced annual newsletters that provide both community news and insights while also providing the communities in the Peace-Athabasca Delta area (and beyond) information on the data collected by the Environmental Conservation Lab and other scientists and academics working in the Fort Chipewyan, AB area.

To coincide with a major Health Study that Stephane McLachlan & Co released this past spring, which was a culmination of years of work, was launched. The purpose of the site was to continue the work the One River newsletters, while provide more information on work in the area, as well as community news, on a more timely basis than our newsletters could hope to achieve (though I believe the newsletters will continue on a sort-of-annual basis).

I’ve been contributing somewhat regularly to the OneRiverNews blog. Check out the site itself and some of the pieces I’ve put together for the site here.

One of my personal favourite posts was this one. After the NHL’s official report on the problem climate change poses to the future of hockey, I spoke with Kendrick Cardinal, who works on the ice-road in Fort Chip, about how he saw climate change impacting community life in his community… and what that would mean for hockey in his hometown.

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