Going Scott Young for the Herald

One thing I’ve really enjoyed during my time at The Herald has been the opportunity to cover high school hockey. Sure, it’s not the NHL, but it is a vital part of writing about the communities in The Herald’s catchment area. And, it gives me the opportunity to make like Red, the budding sports reporter in Scott Young’s classic Scrubs on Skates. It’s also given me a chance to cover the women’s side of the game, which is growing by leaps and bounds, and, in many ways, is more interesting. Continue reading →

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The icemaker’s craft – The Herald

Since moving to Winnipeg almost 10 years back, I’ve made a point of enjoying the outdoor ice as much as possible come winter. Living in Riverview, I’m lucky to have some of the best outdoor community centre ice just a short walk away, and look forward to the Riverview 4×4 Outdoor tourney every February. With such an abundance of richness all around, it’s easy to forget or take for granted that fine ice doesn’t come from the Lord above alone. Continue reading →

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East St. Paul centennial feature – The Herald

Spent many a summer day at my granny Jensen’s in East St. Paul over the years. Such a sweet spot, though sadly the place isn’t around any more (a half dozen new homes now occupy the old spot, along with a half dozen more lots ready for new development). Found the photo above and a little write-up on the family in Heritage II, a volume of local history commemorating the RM’s 75th anniversary, while lurking in the local history room at Millenium Library. Continue reading →

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